Call for a taxi 847-673-1000
more numbers 708-424-7878
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AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION - Airport Returns call 847-255-9600

At certain times, such as when we experience extreme weather, or there is a temporary shortage of taxis at the airports, we are now offering parties of one passenger the opportunity to share a taxi with another customer going to a nearby destination. Customers will be asked if they agree to share, and if so, will be assigned their taxi number by text in a few minutes. The first party who is dropped off will receive a $5 discount off the standard fare, and the next party (or parties) will receive a $10 discount off the standard fare. Pickup times will generally be faster for shared rides than those waiting for a private car.

On some early mornings, particularly for a few very busy hours on Monday mornings, we will also be offering shared rides to ensure that everyone gets picked up in a timely fashion, so they can make their flights at the airports. The discounts will be $10 off for the first party picked up and $5 for the second (limit 2 parties of one each).

All suburban cabs are operated as pre-arranged rides, or dispatched rides. The suburban taxis are called to the terminals for a specific passenger(s).
AMERICAN TAXI DISPATCH, INC. serves all of your suburbans locations. Your taxicab can usually be at the curb in 10 minutes or so from the time of your call, unless you are told otherwise. During "peak" travel times there are delays caused by the high volume of trafic entering the terminals.
Due to security procedures in place at this time, your assigned vehicle cannot by law, wait at the curb for you.
You will have to order another taxi if you are not at the curb when your taxi arrives.

10 American Taxi Dispatch, Inc taxis in a row at O'Hare International Airport dispatched to pick up waiting customers.
O'Hare International Airport and
Midway International Airport are both are located in the city of Chicago, Illinois.
Therefor American Taxi Dispatch, Inc are not allowed to go to or from these airports and a City of Chicago address.

A City of Chicago Airport Exit tax of $2 will be added to all taxi rides from the airports, not to the airports(we cover that taxi). and Midway)

General Mitchell International Airport
is located in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Therefore, no rides are allowed to go to or from the airport and the City of Milwaukee. We offer low flat rates to and from the suburbs and the airport.

TO THE AIRPORTS - Midway and O'Hare Airports are located in the City of Chicago. No city to airport or airport to city rides allowed.

Always allow enough travel time and wait time. We are not responsible for missed connections.

The TSA urges all travelers to arrive at the airport well in advance of scheduled flight departures and has provided security checkpoint wait time information as a guide to assist in travel planning.Please be sure to check with your airline for ticket counter wait times as well as possible changes to flight schedules, as these and other factors influence your decision regarding how early to arrive at the airport.
Plan to leave plenty of time for travel to airports and processing of baggage and security upon arrive at the airport.
Travel times to the airports vary widely depending on day of the week, time of day, construction and other factors. Airport/airline recommended lead times for arrival at the airport also vary depending on destination, airline, security level and other factors. Call your airline for their current recommendation on advance arrival time and leave yourself plenty of travel time. Allow extra travel time to accommodate cab availibility, and weather or traffic problems, especially during holidays and heavy traffic periods.
American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. is not responsible for airline connections.

Chicago Airport Pick Up Information
Call 847-255-9600 AFTER you have collected all luggage to confirm your arrival, and you will be assigned your taxicab number. Please only take that taxicab.
Cell phones will receive a text of the taxicab number.
Taxis meet customers on baggage level by designated door (see terminal door information below), middle lane.
Terminal 1
Pick Up Door G on baggage claim level, middle lane of trafic

Terminal 2
Pick Up Door E on baggage claim level, middle lane of trafic

Terminal 3
Pick Up Door G on baggage claim level, middle lane of trafic

Terminal 5 - International Terminal
Pick Up Door E on baggage claim level, first lane of trafic

For airline/terminal information, go to:

Concourse A, B & C
Pick Up Door 2LL, Middle Lane

For airline/concourse information, go to:

Milwaukee Airport Pick Up Information
Because of availability, please place your airport pick up order before your leave on your flight, then call 855-890-5000 when you arrive with your luggage, and you will be assigned your taxicab number.
Please only take that taxicab.
Cell phones will receive a text of the taxicab number.
Proceed to Exit 3 in baggage claim and exit to street level. Across two lanes of traffic are doors labeled Rental Car. Once inside, turn left and walk to the end and go through the doors on the right. The white American Taxi will be right outside the door. You will be on the first floor of the garage.
General Mitchell Airport Terminal Information
Pick Up Door 4LL, Cross Lanes to Rental Car Building

For airline/terminal information, go to: