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WELCOME American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. is a dispatch service only, providing dispatch to independent owner-operators who provide their own vehicles, equipment, and insurance policies. The policy limits are currently $500,000.00 per policy, twice the current State of Illinois requirements. American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. has no liability for the actions of any of the independent owneroperators who subscribe to its dispatch service.

We service the entire Chicagoland area and Milwaukee suburbs. We offer Flat Rates for rides to and from the suburbs and the airports and downtown. Corporate Accounts, Hotel and Business quick online order links are available.

At certain times, such as when we experience extreme weather, or there is a temporary shortage of taxis at the airports, we are now offering parties of one passenger the opportunity to share a taxi with another customer going to a nearby destination. Customers will be asked if they agree to share, and if so, will be assigned their taxi number by text in a few minutes. The first party who is dropped off will receive a $5 discount off the standard fare, and the next party (or parties) will receive a $10 discount off the standard fare. Pickup times will generally be faster for shared rides than those waiting for a private car.

On some early mornings, particularly for a few very busy hours on Monday mornings, we will also be offering shared rides to ensure that everyone gets picked up in a timely fashion, so they can make their flights at the airports. The discounts will be $10 off for the first party picked up and $5 for the second (limit 2 parties of one each).

Site Use Terms - Please do not proceed with ordering a taxi unless you fully understand and agree to these terms.

Legal Information: By placing an order for dispatch service I WAIVE, RELEASE and DISCHARGE AMERICAN TAXI DISPATCH, INC. now and forever of and from any claim, demand or cause of action for DAMAGES, INJURY and DEATH as may arise due to a negligent act or omission of the driver of the taxi vehicle. I agree that AMERICAN TAXI DISPATCH, INC. shall not be responsible for negligent acts or omissions of the taxi drivers as to myself with respect to any and all orders I may place now or hereafter at any time. This waiver shall be considered ongoing and continuing in full force and effect unless revoked by me in writing.

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$1 Fuel surcharge will be added when gas is $3 or more per gallon and $2 will be added when gas is $4 or more per gallon. $1 fuel surcharge will be added to meter rides when gas is $4 or more per gallon. $2 added to airport pick up rides for City of Chicago airport tax. Tolls apply to residential orders.

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