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Register with complete home address including street and town. Home Page:
Mobile Pay - pay during ride.
Manage Profile - add or delete phones, emails, addresses or credit cards.
My Orders - edit, cancel or track orders.
Taxi Now/Taxi Later - place your orders for now or later.
Find Me - find you location on the map.
To use Mobile Pay, click green tab and when this opens make sure you enter the number of the cab you are in so another cab does not get your payment. Enter the amount, plus tip If you wish. Then click Process Payment..
Add or delete phone numbers and email addresses. Add or delete home and
commonly used places.
Add or delete credit card on file.
Enter credit card information. Enter a cell phone number that you have with you. For security purposes, you must enter the exact billing address for the card. You will receive a 6 digit PIN to enter here. Your cvv number is on the back of the card (Am Ex is on the front). Your default card will have the green check mark. Multiple cards are OK.