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Welcome to American Taxi Dispatch, Inc.

Since 1975, the largest suburban taxi dispatch service.

American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. is an ESSENTIAL BUSINESS (according to the Illinois guidelines for COVID-19) and therefore OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We can take you or your loved ones to pick up food,groceries, medicines, banking, or to visit family.

Our drivers are busy cleaning and sanitizing their taxis between customers so door handles, seat belts and payment equipment are as clean as possible.

Pay DURING your ride on our app
BEFORE you get to your destination.

We Are Pleased to Introduce Our New Trademark

With the use of our ATD logo, we are welcoming vehicles of various colors. All vehicles will be clearly marked with the option of ATD magnets or ATD decals, along with American Taxi's phone number.

As always, we will continue to operate and add our traditional American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. brand on white vehicles.


Site Use Terms - Please do not proceed with ordering a taxi unless you fully understand and agree to these terms.

WELCOME American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. is a dispatch service only, providing dispatch to independent owner-operators who provide their own vehicles, equipment, and insurance policies. The policy limits are currently $500,000.00 per policy, twice the current State of Illinois requirements. American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. has no liability for the actions of any of the independent owner/operators who subscribe to its dispatch service. We service the entire Chicagoland area (including Milwaukee's Mitchell Field). We offer Flat Rates for rides to and from the suburbs and the airports and downtown Chicago. Corporate Accounts, Hotel and Business quick online order links are available.

Legal Information: By placing an order for dispatch service I WAIVE, RELEASE and DISCHARGE AMERICAN TAXI DISPATCH, INC. now and forever of and from any claim, demand or cause of action for DAMAGES, INJURY and DEATH as may arise due to a negligent act or omission of the driver of the taxi vehicle, which is fully insured with a $500,000 policy. I agree that AMERICAN TAXI DISPATCH, INC. shall not be responsible for negligent acts or omissions of the taxi drivers as to myself with respect to any and all orders I may place now or hereafter at any time. This waiver shall be considered ongoing and continuing in full force and effect unless revoked by me in writing.

Attention American Taxi customers. We need your help. If you see any American Taxi drivers going at a high rate of speed or driving recklessly, on highways or around town, please call or email us about it, and the taxi number involved, so we may advise the driver about the necessity of safe driving at all times and in all places. Please go to Feedback and make sure you put time, location and taxicab number.

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If you, or a relative or friend is interested in driving with American Plus, our new rideshare service, please CLICK HERE. Bring your own vehicle for part time OR full time work, or lease an unmarked ride sharing vehicle for $300/week. Pay ONLY 6% - 18% on pre tip fare and drive when you want. NOT the 20% or more charged by other rideshares.

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