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Gift Cards
Our Gift Cards are a great way to solve transportation needs for all ages. Cards can be purchased up to $300 and are reloadable by a quick call to the number below. Number on the back of the card allows user to check available funds at any time.
  • Seniors can remain independent when they should no longer drive.

  • Great way to get family and visitors to and from the airports when your schedule may not allow flexibility.

  • Students can always have a way home even when their ride circumstances might not be ideal.

  • Good alternative ride for students for activities, appointments, illnesses and emergencies.

  • Taxi ordering number is on the front of the card for easy reference.
Contact Meredith: 847-259-1555 X 2258 M-F, 9 AM - 4 PM or email:
  • Purchase for up to $300

  • Reloadable

  • Use for all taxi payments including tips

  • Alternative ride solution

  • Designated Driver option