If you, or a relative or friend is interested in driving with American Plus, our new rideshare service, bring your own vehicle for part time OR full time work, or lease an unmarked ride sharing vehicle for $300/week. Pay ONLY 6% - 15% and drive when you want. NOT the 20% or more charged by other rideshares.
847-259-1555 X2260
  • You must be at least 21 years old and furnish an MVR (must be court purpose) that you get at any DMV.
  • Pass a fingerprint/background check (free to you).
  • Provide your own inspected, insured (State of IL) and approved 2007 or newer sedan, SUV, or minivan.
  • You must provide livery plates for your vehicle and commercial insurance (details will be provided).
  • All credit cards earnings will be deposited into your personal checking account (required) weekly.
  • A+ only charges 6% under $20 and 15% $20 and over from your pre-tip fares. All rides will be flat or guaranteed rates.
  • You can take rides to and from the airports.
  • You may self-assign pre-ordered rides (time orders) for Monday/Tuesday mornings.
  • You will earn reward points valued at 1 or 2 points (1 point 9AM-2PM, 2 points 2PM-9AM) for every local ride under $15.00. When you reach 6 points you can access a website to self-assign a ride.
  • Bring your android tablet or phone with internet to have dispatch program installed. If you donít have a device arrangements can be made.
  • We can have an A+ driver either pick you up at home or meet for a few hours for orientation. We have a great support system in place to guide you through questions or concerns.
  • American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. has an abundance of orders (immediate and later pick-ups) and A+ drivers can help fill these orders.
Have a nice day