About Us

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible rides within their suburban locations. We have established reasonable competitive rates and offer flat rates to and from the airports and to the newly expanded Chicago Loop area. Our dispatch service also offers Corporate Preferred Programs, Schools Programs, Hotel Programs, Event Programs, support of Community Senior Programs as well as community involvement.

We welcome your feedback, both positive and negative, as well as any other ideas you can give us to improve the quality of our services. We can utilize your suggestions to aid our driver resource department to help them to maintain the standard our customers have come to expect. Please feel free to explore the other portions of the American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. web site so you can gather all the information you feel you need for choosing your taxi provider. If you can’t find the information you looking for there, please contact us. We firmly believe that the more you know, the more likely you will choose to ride with American Taxi Dispatch, Inc.

We appreciate all the business you have given us through the years that has made American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. the most successful Suburban Dispatch Service in the United States. We hope this relationship will continue for years to come.


American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. was established in 1975 with one taxi and two drivers in Northbrook. It was created to fill an apparent void in the service area of Chicago suburban taxis. With a commitment to serving customers needs as the biggest priority, the company has seen a steady growth to over 800 cabs, and over 36,000 dispatched orders a week. It is the largest Suburban Dispatch Service in Illinois.

American Taxi Dispatch was the first dispatch service to:

  • Offer credit card payments
  • Locate suburban taxis close to the airport for quick airport pick up service
  • Computerize dispatch
  • Utilize automated call taking to reduce “On Hold” time
  • Create Online Ordering direct to dispatch

The independently owned and operated taxicabs

The taxis are owner operated, or fleets owned by individuals, and each taxi pays a fee to American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. for the dispatch service, driver resources, support, and processing charges. All vehicles are required to obtain licenses in the villages where they register and most require safety inspection through those villages.

Our Dispatch Service does not own taxis, but does follow guide lines established in village codes for driver accountability, and standards for rates, taxi uniformity, cleanliness, and customer comfort.

Our Dispatch Service also offers programs for Corporations, Schools, Hotels, and designated public places. Taxis also and comply with the approved list of and guidelines for various municipal Senior subsidized taxi discount programs.