Frequently asked questions

Can I take your taxi from the airport to downtown Chicago?

No, Midway and O’Hare airports are located in the City of Chicago so you must take a city taxi.

Can I take your taxi from the airport to downtown Chicago?

Yes, however you still need to call 847-255-9600 after you collect all luggage to let the dispatcher know of your arrival. Suburban taxis are not allowed to wait at the curb for customers who are still in the terminal and they will be charged $2 each time they circle the terminals.

How do I get your taxi at the airports?

Airport pre orders are accepted only online or through American Taxi Apps. If you pre-order, you still must call after you collect your luggage to let the dispatcher know you are ready.

Or, if you do not pre-arrange a ride, just call when you have all luggage and your taxi will be at the middle lane in about 10 minutes. Taxis are staged in a lot on the outskirts of the airport.

Where do I meet the taxi at the airport?

Each terminal has a designated door. All pick-ups are in the middle lane of traffic except International, which is the first lane.

Can I make advanced reservations any time?


Can I make multiple orders at once?


Can I make an order for the same time every day at one time?

Yes. That is called a recurring order.

Can I flag your cabs on the street?

No. Our taxis are only licensed to be dispatched by an order from the customer.

Are there illegal taxis imposing as your service?

Yes, and unfortunately these taxis over charge by a lot. The airport kiosks display many of these illegal taxis. Please be aware and print out our sign to take with you if you must use the kiosk.

Can I reserve the same cab for my pick-ups?

No, however if you like a driver you may ask him if he is willing to be a regular driver for you. We call those “Personals” and drivers know what to do.

Can I flag your taxi at the airports?

No. All suburban taxis must be dispatched by pre-arranged orders. They must show the order and pay a fee at the suburban booth before they enter the terminal pick up lanes.

Do you have handicapped equipped vans?

No. However, if a customer is using a walker or wheel chair and can get in and out of the taxi, the driver will fold and put the equipment in the trunk. Drivers are not allowed to assist a person in or out of the taxi.

Do your taxis have car seats for infants or small children?

According to the State of Illinois, taxis do not require car seats for babies or children. It is up to you if you want to provide one.