No Chicago to Chicago Rides. All rides must begin or end in a suburb. O’Hare and Midway are in Chicago city limits.
On occasion, due to extremely high passenger volume, weather, or traffic congestion for airport rides, we may offer single passengers a shared ride at 25% less flat rate per rider as an alternative to long wait times. Rides will be selected by similar locations.

O'Hare - Midway Flat Rates

Flat Rates for Airports

Our Airport Flat Rates have changed. Airport Exit Tax, extra passenger charge and tolls are now included in your flat rate to simplify our rate structure and make it easier for you and your driver. $24 per hour wait time for round trip. If you make a stop during your ride, driver will run meter to final stop, then charge flat rate from final stop location to final destination.

Local (metered) Ride Revised Rates

  • You can now get a guaranteed pre-determined rate on any local ride when you provide a destination street address and town, WITHOUT ANY STOPS DURING THE RIDE, when you place your order either online, app order or phone.
  • If you need to make stops during the ride, driver is required to run the meter during your ride and during the stop.
  • When you call our automated system and do not have the street address of your destination programmed into your profile (common locations) you will be transferred to an operator.
  • If you do not have the destination address the driver will run the meter.
  • If you hail a taxi (at a train station or hotel, for example) your driver will run the meter, either Rate 1 or 2, whichever is correct.

Suburban Metered (non-dispatched) Rates – No Chicago to Chicago Rides All rides must begin or end in a suburb. Meter runs on time and distance. If you are at a long light or train the meter will still run.