Driver Services

All taxis are independently owned and operated. The policy limits are currently $500,000.00 per policy, twice the current State of Illinois requirements. American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. has no liability for the actions of any of the independent owner-operators who subscribe to its dispatch service.

Legal Information: American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. is a DISPATCH SERVICE ONLY, providing dispatching service to independently owned and operated taxis throughout the suburbs of Chicago and Milwaukee. Cab drivers are not employees of American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. The owners of those taxis provide their own vehicles, equipment, and insurance, and are responsible to be properly licensed by municipal licensing authorities, that are suburban cities and towns, in order to receive dispatched orders. The limits of their insurance policies are currently twice the legal limits required by the state of Illinois, $500,000.00 (five hundred thousand dollars). American Taxi Dispatch, Inc., is NOT LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for those owner operators, and CANNOT BE SUED in the event of an accident. I UNDERSTAND and AGREE to these terms when I place an order for service from American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. I also UNDERSTAND and AGREE that my acknowledgement will be kept on file for future reference, if needed.